Friday, 29 March 2013

Walk this Way

                       Phoebe Philo                                            Sara Blomqvist                                       Columbine Smille

During a recent wardrobe editing session with a client, the conversation turned to trainers.  And it's not the first time that this 'functional' footwear has crept into the conversation...

I have several clients whose commute involves quite a lengthy walk, so they face the daily dilemma of comfort versus style. Do they suffer for the sake of fashion and grin and bear it in their favourite heels, or pop on some much more sensible shoes and carry their favoured footwear with them for a quick change at the office?

Understandably, the latter option does tend to win out, in the end, but for many of the women I see, the issue of how to look, and feel, stylish still remains. 

If you too face the same footwear challenge, you may have invested in a couple of pairs of those popular fold up ballet pumps. A great idea. But if you're not really a 'Pretty Ballerina' kind of girl, there is another option...

Trainers, yes that's right.  That's not a typo.  We're not talking grubby gym shoes here, or those bright white running shoes à la 1980's Working Girl.  The new breed of trainer is a fashion statement in it's own right.  

See how the trainers worn by the stylish trio above are a considered part of their overall look, rather than a necessary after thought?  

There are so many styles to choose from to suit your own mode of dressing, including sporty from the likes of Adidas and Nike, the simply stylish Converse and Vans, and not forgetting the wedge heeled variety championed by the queen of Parisian laid back luxe Isabel Marant. 

So, why not combine sensible with stylish and seek out a pair or two of sneakers? Street Chic at its best!   

For more inspiration, take a look at these online sneaker sites...

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