Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Suits You?
                         Céline                                              Stella McCartney                                       Saint Laurent

Much has been written in the fashion press recently about the return of the trouser suit.  But with designers no longer able to dictate what we wear, is this decree simply falling on deaf ears?

I was a trouser suit wearer once.  Back in my corporate days, I could regularly be seen trudging through the city streets in a selection of two pieces.  And even though I would always seek out something a little different (there weren't too many of us in the square mile dressed in Ann Demeulemeester) for me a suit still spelt work. 

Now that my career has taken a very different direction, I relish my new found fashion freedom.  But it's not just my life that has changed since the height of our trouser suit wearing days, but women's lifestyles in general.  Are we really ready to re-embrace the sartorial restrictions of the suit?   

Fashion today is all about mixing and matching, and the flexibility of the trouser suit, however stylish, is rather limited.  Yes, it can be split and the pieces also worn separately, but this creates the potential for one part to wear more quickly than the other, and sometimes when worn this way, certain suits do strangely look like their other half is missing.

Despite my rather negative viewpoint, if you read this blog regularly or follow me on Twitter you'll know that I'm a fan of the androgynous look that a well cut trouser suit does deliver.  And I adore the two pieces that Hedi Slimane sent down his first Saint Laurent catwalk, with their close fitting jackets and cropped cigarette pants. However...

I can recreate this look in a myraid ways with some well chosen separates, a look that I will have styled for myself rather than one I would feel someone else has created for me.  

As you've probably gathered, I remain to be convinced.  What do you think?  

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