Monday, 4 March 2013

How to...Shop the High Street

Dressing head to toe in designer clothes is no longer considered de rigeur, and looking current now is all about how we mix those key designer pieces with our high street fashion finds.

We're lucky to have what's generally considered to be the best high street fashion here in the UK, and Elle's 'Style for Less' supplement, free with the magazine's April issue, is dedicated to our much loved affordable labels.  

Here are fashion director Anne-Marie Curtis's top tips for getting the most from the Great British High Street...

High End Meets High Street
It's a brilliant idea to buy into high-street designer collaborations. Because the pieces are limited edition, they will end up being collectable, but more importantly, they have got the attention to detail and quality control that the designers bring to their own ranges.

Style at any Age
You can buy great pieces on the high street at any age.  It's about looking for pieces that work with your existing style.

Catwalk vs Classic
Avoid anything that's a direct copy of a major catwalk piece.  It will be obvious it isn't the real thing and can look tacky. Stick to classic or statement pieces instead.

And my own top tip?  

The high street is great for stocking up on those essential wardrobe staples.  Why pay designer prices for items such as basic t'shirts and jeans when the high street does them so well? 

And if it's good enough for Emmanuelle Alt...  

Emmanuelle Alt

The super stylish editor of French Vogue swears by Top Shop's Baxter skinny jeans, as do I! 

Click here for details. 

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How to...Master Minimalism

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