Wednesday, 13 March 2013

All About The Bag

Harper's Bazaar
Chanel Plexiglass Clutch

"It's got to be roomy, smart but not scarily beautiful and above all, have pockets"  India Knight - The Sunday Times Style Magazine

What's your perfect bag?  In her recent article, India Knight questioned why bags are so hard to get right and issued a plea to bag designers to think of their customers.

Most of us are very particular when describing our ideal bag.  It's probably the one wardrobe item we own that we're likely to wear most often, and we need it to fit comfortably with our lifestyle as well as our personal style.

Customers in the shop often apologise, quite unnecessarily, for their long list of requirements when looking for a new bag.  And whether it's as straightforward as a certain colour so that it coordinates with the majority of their wardrobe, or as detailed as having to have a certain type of fastening, these must haves can make or break the success of a purchase.     

Many of the bags on sale at the shop are there because they simply failed to live up to their owners' expectations.  Two of the most common complaints from customers are that even when a bag is empty it can simply be too heavy, and that items often get 'lost' in the depths of the inside (India Knight is a big fan of compartments).

I must admit, I gave up on the quest for a single bag that fits all a while ago. Instead, I adopted the 'one bag of each type' approach.  So, I have invested in two totes (one summer and one winter), two shoppers (one large and one medium size), a satchel, a smart shoulder bag, a cross body messenger and a clutch.  One for every eventuality!

If you haven't yet found your perfect carry all, then why not enlist our help?  Simply send us the details and we'll endeavour to track it down for you.

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