Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Seasonal Switchover Part II

Now that you have a well edited wardrobe of real favourites, here in Part II of this post are my practical pointers for caring for those precious pieces...

* Every six months, remove everything from your wardrobe (and drawers), and vacuum and wash the insides.  Ensure that you only put clean clothes back, as this will help protect your garments against moths.

* Replace any wire hangers with more substantial versions, as the wire variety have a tendency to damage clothes.

* Place lavender bags, pot pourri, cedar wood or herb mix sachets on the rails of your wardrobe - one every 40-50cms - and in your drawers amongst your folded items.  We stock the Total Wardrobe Care range of products here at the shop which will keep your clothes smelling fresh and help to keep them moth free.  

* Stuff your handbags with acid free tissue paper to help maintain elasticity, and always keep them out of direct sunlight and in dust bags if you have them.  If your bags get rained on, then dry them immediately without using heat. 

* If possible, keep your shoes and boots in their original boxes to protect them from dust and scratches, and always use shoe or boot trees.  As a minimum, try to polish your shoes and boots every six to eight times they are worn. 

* If you have garments that must be dry cleaned, try to do this as little as possible. Not only can dry cleaning be expensive, but prolonged use of chemicals and heavy pressing can take the 'life' out of your clothes, and eventually causes fabric sheen. Instead, air and brush garments between each wearing and check for stains as well as loose threads, before rehanging.

Does decluttering your closet seem like an overwhelming task?  To learn more about booking a wardrobe edit simply pop in and see me at the shop or click here for my contact details. 

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