Monday, 25 February 2013

The Seasonal Switchover Part I

It's that time of the year when we start thinking about swapping our winter wear for those lighter and brighter spring pieces. 

So, in Part I of this post I've listed my top tips for tackling that essential wardrobe edit... 

* If your wardrobe is full of pieces you no longer wear, then it's probably time to let them go.  However, if you don't feel ready to take this step just yet, then simply store the items elsewhere.  If after a month or two you haven't given them a second thought, then maybe you're ready to part company.

Don't hang onto things from decades past in the hope that they will come back into fashion.  Despite the regular 'recyling' of designs, the updated versions are always a little different.

Be aware of those things you have a tendency to overdose on.  You don't necessarily have to rid yourself of any of them, just keep in mind how many you have next time you find yourself heading to the cash desk with yet another.

* Take a long hard look at those pieces which no longer fit or flatter you.  If you've been hanging onto them until you drop a dress size, then do try and be honest with yourself.  If in your heart of hearts you know that you've set yourself an unrealistic goal, then take a trip to a local tailor to see if they can be altered so that you can enjoy wearing them now.

* Discard any items that really can't be repaired.  Clothes worn to a sheen from dry cleaning or with immovable stains should be consigned to the bin.

* Carefully consider how you dispose of those unwanted but still wearable items. Clothes that are simply no longer 'you' may be perfect for someone else, so offset your closet footprint by taking them to your favourite charity or, of course, your local dress agency! 

Look out for Part II of this post tomorrow...

Does decluttering your closet seem like an overwhelming task?  To learn more about booking a wardrobe edit simply pop in and see me at the shop or click here for my contact details. 

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