Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Portas Principles
Mary Portas & Melanie Rickey

On Tuesday, I met up with fellow ASIP stylists at House of Fraser on Oxford Street for our Mary Portas event.  

The evening was hosted by Melanie Rickey, Grazia's fashion editor at large and Mary's other half, who gave us a great insight into the creation of the collection and talked us through the new season's key pieces. 

Mary's collection was born out of a desire to provide grown up fashion for grown up women, and I thought I'd share with you the 'Mary Cocktail', her mantra for getting dressed...

ONE PART: Simple Chic
Behind every great outfit is your simple chic foundation, clean and modern lines that fit and flatter.

Here's where you add your fashion, a shot of the season's colour or a nod to the trends.

THEN: Decorate
This is where you add your personal touch with your favourite jewellery and accessories. 

Thank you Melanie and ASIP for an inspiring evening!

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