Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Signature Styling #12

What does your current style say about you?

January is traditionally the time of year when many of us look to 'reinvent' ourselves, and changing our personal style is one of the most immediate ways to transform not only ourselves, but how others see us.  However, rethinking old wardrobe habits can be hard...

But looking and feeling great everyday is easy when you know how, and that know how is just a phone call away!  So if you're looking to discover a 'new you' or simply want to revitalise your wardrobe then why wait? Simply click here for my personal contact details.   

To help kick start your new year style-wise, here's my top dressing do's and don'ts...


...be a slave to fashion
Looking up to date doesn't mean dressing head to toe in the latest trends.  Resolve to seek out those key pieces that will give you the look and feel of the season, without compromising your own unique style.

...forget the details
Whether you're a high street or high end shopper, pay close attention to quality, cut and fit.  Investing a little time in building a great wardrobe will save you precious minutes in front of the mirror each morning.

...get stuck in a style rut
Embracing your signature style doesn't mean that fashion will no longer be fun.  By looking out for new labels and experimenting with different styles you'll keep your look fresh.


...look after your clothes
Carefully cared for clothes will not only last longer, but look and feel better too. Replace wire hangers with more substantial versions, and invest in some scented wardrobe sachets and drawer liners to create that boutique feel at home.

...seek out a good tailor
Finding the perfect fit 'off the peg' is truly a stroke of good luck.  A good tailor is essential to maintaining a wardrobe that really works, and can also breathe new life into those tired and forgotten pieces lurking at the back of your closet.

...be inspired
Fashion should be enjoyed, and clothes are a fun way of expressing ourselves.  Getting dressed is an opportunity for daily reinvention, so be bold and be brave!  But always be yourself... 

Look out for future posts in this series...

To learn more about booking a personal styling appointment simply pop in and see me at the shop or click here for my contact details. 

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