Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Signature Styling #7

The Sunday Times Style Magazine

This article by Shane Watson appeared in the press a couple of weeks ago, and I've been mulling over whether to feature it on the blog ever since, as you'll see... 

As part of the piece, Flossie Saunders' 'Midlife Manifesto' lists the items she feels we should cast aside when we reach a certain age.  What do you think?

* Leather jackets
* Woolly or coloured tights
* Cheap t-shirts
* Cropped and ultra low rise styles
* Skinny jeans with stretch
* Anything your teenage daughter owns
* The must have piece of the season 

As those of you who know me (and my age!) are probably aware, I don't let my advancing years dictate what I wear, and I give the same advice to my clients and customers.  In my opinion, the most important factors to consider when getting dressed are whether you feel confident and comfortable in an item of clothing, closely followed by how you plan to style it, as this can make a huge difference to whether the piece is a hit or a miss.

My only words of caution in terms of age can be summed up by Ruth Chapman, the co-founder of Matches, when she says "Don't get stuck in a rut, because wearing dated styles is the most ageing thing of all".

Look out for future posts in this series...

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