Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Signature Styling #6

Matches Magazine

I'm always cautioning my clients and customers against saving certain clothes for 'best', and this great article from Matches' Autumn/Winter 2012 Magazine supports this stance too.

From a purely practical point of view, this now outdated approach to dressing is a costly one, especially in today's straitened times - think cost per wear.  But there are fashionable as well as financial reasons why a more flexible wardrobe is now the way to go...     

Firstly, the line between day time dressing and night time glamour has become increasingly blurred.  Styling up a pair of jeans for an evening out and dressing down a sequinned skirt with a sweatshirt for day is now de rigeur.    

Secondly, clothes should be enjoyed.  Getting dressed is an opportunity for daily reinvention, and you'll get much more pleasure from wearing your 'best' clothes than seeing them hanging in your closet.

Thirdly, and as Matches' joint CEO Ruth Chapman says "We want our daytime wardrobes to work as hard as we do...".  Why save your 'best' pieces just for special occasions when you often want to look and feel your best during the day? 

If you need some further encouragement, then take inspiration from these savvy style mavens who know a thing or two about working dressed up day wear...   

Matches Magazine

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