Thursday, 18 October 2012

Signature Styling #4

Marc Cain AW12 Campaign

When I first saw this picture, it instantly brought to mind one of those flip books where the pages are split into three and you mix and match the different sections to create random images.  Maybe the stylist was simply left with these pieces to try and work with at the end of the shoot???

Mixing and matching different items together to create a unique, and successful, look is not easy.  In my (humble) opinion, the jacket and skirt shown here are fighting with each other, and don't get me started on the tights and boots!

In contrast, the very individual pieces in this next image work really well together... 

Marc Cain AW12 Collection

The difference between styling success and failure here is in the finish and weight of the fabrics in each case.  The jacket in the first image and knit in the second seem to have been used to create the same effect - to add an edge to the skirts they have been styled with.  But while this has worked really well in the second image, the skirt in the first is simply overwhelmed by the jacket. 

The leather boots and thick tights in the first image are also much too heavy for the skirt, in contrast to the suede shoes and lace socks in the second.    

Very individual pieces can complement each other when worn together, but styling a successful look when the finishes (texture, detailing) clash and the weight of the fabrics don't marry will be a challenge. 
Look out for future posts in this series...

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