Thursday, 27 September 2012

Signature Styling #1

M&S AW12 Campaign

As my clients will tell you, I'm not very forgiving when it comes to critiquing magazines and big label brands on their styling.

Not everyone has the know how, or indeed the time, to style themselves, and so the images in magazines and online are used by many women to help them put outfits together, as well as influence their purchases.  Therefore, it's quite frustrating to see that many styling 'experts' are hindering rather than helping their efforts to look their best.

Take this current M&S campaign.  Individually, the new season pieces are on trend and mostly very wearable, but the way they have been styled on the models?  Well that's another matter...

This great khaki coat is a key piece from the brand's Modern Military collection. However, the styling of the image on the left, the one that's being used in the nationwide campaign, falls far short of the image on the right which appears on the store's website.

Wearing coats with trousers is always tricky, as if the coat is too long it can make the wearer look out of proportion and often shorter than she actually is.  While the length of the coat here is fine (just), the lovely streamlined silhouette it creates is being broken by tucking the rather baggy looking trousers into the boots!  

The website image is much more flattering, as the slim, full length trousers continue the silhouette created by the coat, clearly showing the M&S customer how she can very successfully style the look herself.

Look out for future posts in this series...

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