Saturday, 29 September 2012

Catwalk to Closet


When this dramatic black leather and wool dress from Céline's pre-fall 2011 collection was brought into the shop recently, it definitely had my name on it.  However, there was one slight was two sizes too big.

Not to be deterred, I arranged a fitting with Jenny, our tailor.  Jenny worked her usual magic et voilà!  The dress is now a perfect fit...

Having a great tailor you can rely on is an essential in every fashionista's armoury. We all expect to be able to buy straight off the peg every time we go shopping, but if you think about this logically it's a rather tall order.  Even garments that are 'our size' could often do with a little adjustment so that we look our best.

So, if like me you fall in love with something at the shop that's not a perfect fit, then all is not lost.  Thank you Jenny!  

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