Monday, 14 May 2012

The Art of Effortless Dressing

                    Emmanuelle Alt                                    Claudia Winkleman                                 Kate Bosworth

I very much admire these three super stylish women - they each have their own unique sense of dressing, but all share a keen eye for what suits them.

For a lucky few, looking perfectly pulled together does seem to come naturally, but you don't have to be born with a great sense of style to look good.  Effortless dressing is an art which can be mastered.  The essential first step is to find your own personal style...

Be inspired
While adopting someone else's look will say more about them than it does about you, taking inspiration from how others dress is a great way to help you develop your own personal style.

Tame the trends
Don't be a slave to fashion.  Looking up to date doesn't mean dressing head to toe in the latest trends.  Instead, seek out those key pieces that will give you the look and feel of the season without compromising your own individual style.

Know your limits
We all have our own fashion boundaries.  Feeling comfortable and confident in what we wear is essential to looking effortlessly dressed, so avoid those pieces that fall outside your sartorial comfort zone.

The personal touch
Real style is about how we wear our clothes rather than the garments we actually wear. Invest in some flexible foundation pieces that can be dressed up or down, together with some well chosen accessories, and you will be able to create a variety of looks that are undeniably yours.

Love your look
If a particular look works well for you, keep wearing it.  A well-edited wardrobe of real favourites, rather than a closet crammed full of clothes you will quickly tire of, will render those dressing dilemmas a thing of the past!  

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