Monday, 23 April 2012

Seasonless Dressing
Layered looks at 3.1 Phillip Lim

Separating our clothes into 'spring/summer' and 'autumn/winter' is becoming less and less relevant as the line between the seasons increasingly blurs.  

And it's not just the change in weather patterns that's affecting the way we dress today.  In the current economic climate, we're all looking to get more mileage out of our clothes too.

The answer?  Seasonless dressing, a trend that designers are also tapping into with their resort and pre-collections, both of which are becoming increasingly larger and gaining ever more importance in the fashion calendar. 

So before you wave a final goodbye to your winter wardrobe, here are a few secrets to seasonless dressing, and reducing that all important cost per wear factor too! 

Layer Up
The key to seasonless dressing is to work with layers.  But layering isn't just an essential for adding warmth.  A wardrobe of basics can be turned into something much bolder by simply adding and subtracting different pieces to create new looks.   

Role Reversal
Nowadays, we're all looking for our clothes to play more than one role.  Take a fresh look at your wardrobe and the roles your clothes currently play.  Experimenting with pieces you already own is the easiest (and cheapest!) way to breathe new life into your looks.

Flexible Fabrics
Forego extremes in favour of flexibility. Rather than investing in lots of heavy, thick or incredibly fine fabrics, seek out clothes in fabrics that will not restrict their wear to just a few months of the year.  Look for fabrics that are light enough to breathe easily, but heavy enough to provide warmth, particularly when layered.

Colour Contrasts
Why limit pale shades to summer and darker hues to the winter months?  Clever use of accessories, as well as layering, will help you to incorporate different garments into your look whatever their colour.  Use brights to cheer up grey skies, and more sultry tones such as navy or black to add an edge to summer's traditionally looser styles.

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