Friday, 16 March 2012

Style Secrets

InStyle Magazine - April 2012

Christopher Bailey is a man who knows a thing or two about fashion.  As Burberry's chief creative officer, he has totally transformed the label into the sought after brand it is today.  In this month's edition of InStyle, he shares his style tips for the modern woman. Here are a few of his words of fashion wisdom... 

Trust your instincts
"know what you want and who you are"

Find the right colour
"it should make your eyes sparkle" 

Follow the 70-30 rule
"70 per cent of your wardrobe should be practical and 30 per cent frivolous and fun"

Dressing isn't about perfection 
"we should see you shining through - not just your outfit" 

Boots: Tod's          Shoes: Reiss

Practical versus frivolous and fun!
Footwear now available in store.

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